Saturday, January 17, 2015

October Ghosts is Closed...for now!

Another terrifying season of October Ghosts is over and I have to say Fall 2014 was really one of the best since I started this crazy writing exercise.  

At the end of the October 2014, I had written 17 brand new tales - totalling 64,000 words/295 pages. 

As of now, I'm taking my favorite stories from that month and after many revisions will submit them to as many publications as I can for consideration.  

Thank you for joining me on another writer's journey this past year. 

It's really you, the readers, who keep me going - and I also have to thank my incredible guest writers: Chris Pauley, Matt Duggan, David Caprita, Melissa Underwood and Shoshana Hebshi for submitting original and terrifying content. 

Until then, I hope you have an extremely creative and amazing 2015 and I'll see you all again when the leaves begin to change.